Eligibility Application Supplement

All agencies/organizations MUST submit:


               1.  Application Form DTMB-0292 

               2.   Non-Discrimination Assurance 

               3.   Certificate of Adopted Resolution (Board) 


Private non-profit organizations MUST submit (in addition):

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Determination by U.S. Department of Treasury with correct name/address
  • Copies of Current/Contracts/Grants with Federal/State Departments showing Agency/Award/Expiration 
  • Copy of licensing/accreditation issued through State Department/national organization
  • In-depth written narrative of program/services 

Providers of assistance to the homeless MUST submit (in addition):

  • Proof of funding
  • Narrative of services provided
  • Written recognition by appropriate authority (mayor, police, etc.)


Organizations serving the elderly MUST submit (in addition):

  • Copy of funding received through the Older Americans' Act
  • Written in-depth narrative


Service educational activities MUST submit (in addition):

  •  Copy of charter association with national organization
  •  Written narrative of programs and services


Small Business Administration 8(a) business development MUST submit (in addition):

  •   Certification from SBA
  •   Written narrative


For further assistance, contact Stephanie Clark of the MI Federal Surplus Property Program at 517-241-3860 or clarks18@michigan.gov .