IT Policies, Standards & Procedures (PSP)

  • Information technology (IT) Policies document the Department of Technology, Management & Budget's (DTMB) authority to establish Standards and Procedures in the specified areas. They represent a portion of the Administrative Guide to State Government (Ad Guide), which is used by state of Michigan employees in the course of conducting business. The Ad Guide, published and maintained in an electronic form on the DTMB public website, presents the major processes through which state government operates.

  • IT PSP Framework and Stakeholders A comprehensive set of IT policies.
  • Feedback and Questions

    Report comments, problems or questions regarding the IT PSPs to ...

  • Revisions to IT PSPs

    To make revisions to IT Policies, Standards and Procedures (PSP), owners shall request the current ADA-compliant Word document from the IT PSP Coordinator. Owners shall show all revisions using Track Changes, obtain internal approvals, provide reasons for the revisions, and return to the IT PSP Coordinator via the DTMB-0036 IT PSP Request.  IT PSPs will be circulated to affected state agencies and departments as appropriate.