Where the Money Comes From

pie chart of funding sources
  • Did you know that nearly 90% of the DNR’s budget comes from sources other than state taxes (General Fund revenue)?  The DNR’s bills are paid from about 50 different funds, many of which have unique revenue streams, including user fees paid by those who hunt, fish, snowmobile, camp, harvest timber, ride off-road vehicles, or otherwise take part in natural resource-based activities. 

    Information on the revenue sources supporting the DNR budget is provided below along with examples of significant state restricted funds and federal assistance programs connected with these revenue sources. 

Where the Money Goes

Division Budget Chart
  • Another way to look at the DNR's budget is how the major programs in the department are funded. As mentioned above, some DNR programs receive support from federal and General Fund revenues. However, DNR programs are largely supported by user fees and other natural resource revenue (hunting and fishing license sales, camping fees, timber sales, royalties on oil, gas, and mineral extraction, etc.). Information on how the major programs of the DNR are funded is provided below.