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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Squirrel hunting family Feeling squirrely

    Squirrel hunting may not seem like a challenge (after all, squirrels are everywhere in Michigan), but they can provide an opportunity to hone your marksmanship, get outdoors, and provide some tasty food for your table.

  • Hemlock hills Tribute to an old friend

    Michigan is home to over 170 million native hemlocks. These trees, not to be confused with the poisonous plant bearing the same name, are an important facet of Michigan's jeweled wilderness.

  • Family standing on bridge over water Reflecting on the centennial year - an open letter from the Parks and Recreation Division chief

    Michigan state parks, forests, trails and waterways are at the core of the spirit of this Great Lakes state, and we are working hard to ensure that they endure for another century. Read this letter from Parks and Recreation Division Chief Ron Olson for a look to the past to inform our future.

  • A Canada lynx looks around as it moves out of a carrier 10 cool things the DNR did this past year

    Before 2019 fades completely, we wanted to take one more glance back as we move forward at accomplishments over the past year. With numerous notable achievements to consider, we’ve narrowed the list down to 10 cool things the DNR was involved with over the past year.

  • Family rabbit hunting Rabid about 'Rabbit Time'

    As the snow starts to fly and the days get shorter, that means one thing for many folks – Rabbit Time! Rabbit hunting provides an excellent opportunity to get outside this winter, get some exercise, and hopefully bag a rabbit or two.