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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Prescribed burn Behind the DNR's firefighting front lines

    The DNR fire team does more than just fight fires - they lend some of their much-needed talents to protecting property and Michigan's natural resources and saving the lives of both people and wildlife.

  • An instructor teaches a young girl firearm safety Cultivating the next crop of hunters

    Despite a decline in Michigan hunters in recent years, recreational safety programs like hunter education are in demand. These programs, coordinated by the DNR, include classes taught by more than 2,800 volunteer hunter safety instructors

  • Bond Falls in autumn The not-so-off-season for Michigan state parks

    The weather may be cooling down, but fall recreation opportunities are just heating up!

  • Control room of WNMU-TV13 Behind the scenes at 'Ask the DNR'

    Every Thursday night, residents have the chance to interact with the DNR from the comfort of their own homes during “Ask the DNR.” For 60 minutes, DNR wildlife and fisheries biologists, conservation officers, trails specialists and others answer questions from viewers on ...

  • A dog watches a campfire How firewood became a hot topic

    Years ago, most people wouldn’t give a moment’s thought to tossing an armload of firewood into the trunk before heading out on a weekend getaway. But nowadays, that bundle of wood from home might create an issue if your destination is a park or campground.