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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Wolf carrier The Isle Royale experience: wolf translocation

    Team members of many stripes were working together to release two wolves on the island. The wolves had been trapped in Minnesota and were flown to this grand island in a fiery orange float plane, which was heard well before being seen in the blue skies over the treetops.

  • Shooting Range Taking a shot at shooting sports leads to fun new experience

    Shooting sports are meant for everyone – including beginners of all skill levels. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with DNR-managed shooting ranges sprinkled throughout Michigan, many employees stand ready to answer questions and help newbies trying to get involved.

  • Arctic graylings Efforts continue to reintroduce Arctic grayling in Michigan

    Michigan’s Arctic Grayling Initiative – with more than 45 partners, including state and tribal governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses and universities – is committed to reintroducing this culturally significant species, with steady progress made since June 2016.

  • Volunteers painting Volunteers prove Michigan Cares for Tourism at Fort Wilkins

    The Michigan Cares for Tourism program was started in 2012, partnering with the DNR and others to form an all-volunteer workforce that donates time, resources and effort to help restore Michigan's historic attractions.

  • Restored boat launch Coordinated effort aiding Houghton County storm recovery effort

    The state’s coordinated ongoing rebuilding and restoration efforts are producing positive results in the wake of a 1,000-year flood that ravaged Houghton County in June, 2018.