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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • A young boy rides his bike through Baraga State Park The UP's first mainland state park

    Baraga State Park has a long history in the UP. Named for Father Baraga, the "Snowshoe Priest," the park became the first mainland state park in the UP and today serves as a summertime gateway to a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

  • Young boy and DNR volunteer watch for a fish to bite Pocket Park offers opportunities of a lifetime

    The DNR Pocket Park is the perfect place to introduce kids to all the recreational opportunities in Michigan. With the Pocket Park Fair coming up, visitors will get the chance to experience even more -- like live hawk and owl exhibits, Michigan reptile presentations and even a Native ...

  • CO inspecting fish On patrol with the DNR's Great Lakes Enforcement Unit

    With a patrol boat for an office and a dedication to protecting Michigan's waters, the Great Lakes Enforcement Unit is uniquely poised to ensure the Great Lakes continue to provide lifechanging recreational opportunities for future generations.

  • An orange room created from 70s decor as part of the "Secret Lives of Michigan Objects" exhibit The stuff that tells stories

    History is made every day, and that history is told through commonplace items; the Michigan History Museum's new "Secret Lives of Michigan Objects" exhibit explores how everyday things can become extraordinary artifacts. 

  • Reenactors at Fayette Historic State park Time travel in Delta County

    Fayette Historic State Parks gives visitors a chance to take a step back in time to when a late 19th-century iron-smelting community once thrived along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan.