Nayanquing Point wildlife viewing tower to close for improvements

The popular wildlife viewing tower at Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area in Bay County will be closed for improvements from mid-November through mid-April. The tower is located at the end of East Kitchen Road and overlooks the East Marsh, Wildlife Refuge Area and Saginaw Bay.

The tower was constructed in the 1980s and has not had a major update since then. Deck boards and railings have been replaced on an as-needed basis. This comprehensive update will include new decking on platforms and ramps, new railings and joists, and new stairs for the entire structure.

Barring weather delays, the viewing tower should reopen in plenty of time for wildlife viewers, birders and photographers to enjoy the spring bird migration.

Nayanquing Point is an Audubon Important Bird Area and is an important migratory bird stopover site. It is also part of the Saginaw Bay Birding Trail and is one of Michigan’s Wetland Wonders.