Construction staging taking place at Whites Bridge boating access site, parking may be limited during workday

The Whites Bridge boating access site will remain open during construction of a new replica covered bridge. Although the access road, parking area and turn-around will be closed to vehicle traffic to accommodate the assembly of the 118-foot-long timber trusses, there are alternative access points. Parking may be limited during the workday, but should be adequate evenings and weekends. Construction is slated for completion in spring 2020. Please carpool as much as possible.

Please keep in mind: 

  • Pedestrian access along the west side of the road will be maintained during construction. 
  • Kayaks and canoes will be able to launch, but will need to be carried further than normal. 
  • Parking will be available on the side of the road north of the "Road Closed" barricade.