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CWD in Michigan

    Chronic wasting disease has now been found in both the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan. We need your help to control the spread by being responsible stewards of the land, following current regulations and keeping up with the latest news.


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CWD Presentations

  • Summary of APR Field Study in Core CWD Area with Presentation PDF icon

  • State Wildlife Veterinarian Kelly Straka and Deer Management Specialist Chad Stewart talk about CWD including the basics of CWD, signs of disease, how it spreads, the history of the disease, trends in other states, trends in Michigan, and what hunters can do to help.


Partner Toolkit

  • Help spread the word. We have a variety of tools that you can use to get this important information out in your communities. From brochures you can print, to radio advertisements that can be downloaded and placed, the partner toolkit has it. Your help and actions matter!

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