2021 Strategy Outline

  • Below is the outline of the updated land strategy for 2021. 

    Public lands exist at the federal, state and local level, but this strategy focuses exclusively on DNR-managed public lands. These will be referred to as “public lands” throughout the document. We will post new sections for review as they become available.

    While you’re reviewing these sections please keep the following questions in mind:

    • Are the strategy components comprehensive?
    • Which of the pieces are you happy to see included? 
    • Is anything missing or not represented?
    • What is the most important identified strategy?
    • Are all user groups, and people of all backgrounds, abilities and means represented?
    • How can we ensure that all people feel welcome visiting and using DNR-managed public lands?

    Sections currently available for review:

    Section 3: Land Strategy Goals

    Section 4: The draft “Land Information” section of the revised land strategy provides an overview of the routine public lands-related work that is undertaken by the DNR on behalf of Michigan’s citizens. The focus of this draft section of the land strategy is to educate and inform to help provide some context to the overall revised land strategy and priorities for public land ownership.

    Section 5: Key Actions

  • Section 1

    • Introduction – Why public lands matter, how a management strategy helps
    • History of the Department of Natural Resources and public lands

    Section 2

    From then to now – Changes from the 2013 land strategy

    Section 3: Land strategy goals

    Section 4: Land information

    Section 5

    Additional Documentation

    • 2013 implementation report
    • Appendix
    • Executive summary
  • Provide feedback

    Comments on the draft land strategy update will be accepted throughout the development process. Thank you to everyone who provided comments on the draft sections by the initial deadline. That feedback will be incorporated, as appropriate, in the comprehensive draft of the land strategy that will be completed by the end of 2020.

    Comments are still welcome and can be submitted to DNR-LandStrategy@michigan.gov. All comments received beginning Nov. 1, 2020, will be reviewed and considered as part of the second engagement period in early 2021.

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