Public Land Managed by the DNR

  • Forests, parks, trails, hunting land and more

    We manage over 4.6 million acres of public land owned by Michigan citizens. The quality of life we all value in our state is driven in large part by the sound management of these public lands. They impact the health of our families, the condition of our environment and the strength of our economy in positive, significant ways.  

    Snowmobile trails, waterway access, hunting areas, campgrounds, hiking trails, wetlands and historic parks are just some of the benefits provided by our public land.

    • State forests - over 3.8 million acres
    • State parks - 352,000 acres
    • State game areas - 360,000 acres

    Economic value of public lands

    DNR-managed public lands support:

    • A timber industry that generates $20 billion for Michigan’s economy
    • A $22.8 billion tourism industry
    • 680,000 hunters who pump $2.3 billion into our economy
    • 1.1 million anglers who generate $2.5 billion for Michigan’s economy
    • Oil and gas production, natural gas storage, and mineral development

Public Act 240