• The Michigan State Waterways Program, which is derived from boat registration fees and the Michigan marine fuel tax, helps fund the construction, operation and maintenance of public recreational boating facilities.

    Boating facilities and support services are the necessary ingredients to offer quality boating experiences in Michigan.

    • The State Program supports state-administered harbors along the Great Lakes and also state-administered boating access sites on the Great Lakes and on inland waters.
    • The Grant-In-Aid Program provides grants to local units of government for harbor facilities along the Great Lakes and for boating access sites located throughout Michigan.


  • Waterways Program Grants

    Provides financial and technical assistance for design and construction of public recreational boating facilities, including state-sponsored harbor and mooring facilities. Only local units of government and public universities are eligible to apply. Applications require the development of a 5-year recreation plan for harbor projects.

  • Boating Infrastructure Grants

    Provides federal funding assistance for the design and construction of public recreational harbor facilities serving transient boaters. Local units of government, public universities and private facilities are eligible to apply.

  • Clean Vessel Act - Boat Pumpout Grants

    Provides funding for new or upgraded marine sewage disposal facilities, pumpouts and dump stations. Grants are provided to both private and public boating facilities, as long as they are open to the public.