Michigan Forest Legacy Program Assessment of Need Report

Introduction and Background

  1. Overview of Forested Areas
    1. Size and Location of Forested Areas in Michigan
    2. Cultural Heritage and Social Value
    3. Physical Make-up of Michigan Forests
    4. Michigan's Landscape Ecosystems
    • TABLE 1. Forest Communities in Michigan
  2. Evaluation of Features of Michigan Forest Lands
    1. Aesthetic and Scenic Values
    2. Important Wildlife Habitat
      1. Rare Natural Communities TABLE 2. Globally-Imperiled Forest Communities of Michigan
      2. Rare Species
      3. Declining and Vulnerable Species
      4. Wide-Ranging Species
      5. Winter Deer Yards Map
      6. Summary and Assessment
    3. Geology and Outstanding Geologic Features
    4. Soils and Groundwater Recharge Areas
    5. Minerals Resource Potential
  3. Timbering and Michigan Forest Land
    1. Timber Management Trends
    2. Timber Product Output
    3. Economic Importance of Forest in Michigan
  4. Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
    1. Importance of Outdoor Recreation in Michigan
    2. Forest Conservation and Outdoor Recreation
  5. Land Tenure
  6. Threats to Michigan Forests
  7. Existing Conservation Measures
    1. Commercial Forest Program
    2. Forest Stewardship
    3. Forest Land Enhancement Program
    4. Enhanced Community Fire Protection
    5. Cooperative Protection
    6. Urban and Community Forestry
    7. Conservation Reserve Program
    8. Wetland Reserve Program
    9. Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program
    10. Environmental Quality Incentives Program
    11. Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund
    12. National Forests in Michigan
    13. State Forests of Michigan
    14. Land Trusts Active in Michigan
  8. Need for Forest Legacy Program
    1. Summary
    2. Goals and Objectives of the Forest Legacy Program in Michigan
  9. Identification of Applicable Eligibility Criteria
    1. Eligibility Criteria for Forest Legacy Areas
    2. Process for Identification of Forest Legacy Areas
  10. Proposed Forest Legacy Areas
  11. Means for Protection of Forest Legacy Area Tracts
  12. Criteria and Process for Determining Priority of Acquisitions
    1. Forest Legacy Project Selection Criteria
    2. Forest Legacy Project Selection Process
  13. Public Involvement; see also Appendices
  14. References
  15. Appendices
    • Appendix A: Stakeholder Participation - Invitation
    • Appendix B: Forest Legacy Program Information
    • Appendix C: Proposed Project Information Form
    • Appendix D: Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Participation in Michigan Forest Legacy Program
    • Appendix E: Prioritization Checklist for Parcel Evaluation
    • Appendix F: List of Rights Wishing to be Retained by Landowner
    • Appendix G: Michigan Private Forest Land Assessment Survey & Results
    • Appendix H: News Release for Public Hearings
    • Appendix I: Minutes from 10/10/02 FSP SAC meeting Accepting Current Draft AON
    • Appendix J: Stewardship Advisory Committee Approval of Final AON
    • Appendix K: Forest Legacy Draft AON Mailing List
    • Appendix L: Forest Legacy Information Mailing List
    • Appendix M: Written Comments Received
    • Appendix N: News Articles Regarding Forest Legacy

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