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    Tools for the future of wildland firefighting are being shaped at the Roscommon Equipment Center and Forest Fire Experiment Station. The REC provides fire agencies across the nation with specialized wildland firefighting equipment from its cutting-edge design and fabrication shop. Services include:

    • Technical assistance for efficient and safe conversions of surplus federal equipment (Federal excess property program) for rural fire defense.
    • Developing and adapting equipment or technology for improved wildfire control.
    • Testing equipment to determine suitability for wildfire control.
    • Equipment information services including reports and newsletters, workshops, forums and participation in national fire equipment boards.

    Contact: DNR-RoscommonEquipCtr@Michigan.gov, 989-275-5211.

Annual REC Workshop

  • DNR - FRD - REC - Equipment testing photo

    State wildfire professionals, equipment program leaders and others in the field are invited to attend the first virtual Roscommon Equipment Center Workshop. The Jan. 13, 2021 virtual workshop, held from 1 to 3:30 p.m., will walk through the steps to submit a proposal for the design and creation of new firefighting equipment. The no-cost, virtual workshop will include presentations on: 

    • The history of the Forest Fire Experiment Station
    • Roscommon Equipment Center fire equipment projects
    • Michigan DNR air operations 
    • The Federal Excess Property Program
    • Feature of Power Bully equipment 
    • Discussion and call for projects

    Attend the workshop: Email program manager Dave Stockoski to join the attendee list.

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Projects and Blueprints