Roscommon Equipment Center

  • Roscommon Equipment Center

    Wildfire Equipment Research & Development

Annual REC Workshop

  • DNR - FRD - REC - Equipment testing photo

    State wildfire professionals, equipment program leaders and others in the field are invited to attend the annual Roscommon Equipment Center Workshop hosted in October. Please visit this page for updates. 

    Highlights: Facility tour, professional development, networking and equipment operation opportunities

    Who should attend: State wildfire chiefs, fire equipment program leaders and federal excess personal property specialists

Projects and Blueprints

  • The Roscommon Equipment Center researches, designs, tests and develops wildland fire equipment for national, state and local emergency responders. The REC also is a leader in engineering solutions to convert excess federal vehicles into fire control equipment. 

    In addition to the focus on wildland fire engines, the REC program pursues projects concerning fireline construction tools, specialized water handling equipment, commercial equipment evaluation, and fire chemical delivery systems.

    Check out past projects and blueprints below. Submit project proposals to the Roscommon Equipment Center by sending a completed project proposal form to DNR-RoscommonEquipCtr@Michigan.gov

    Contact the Roscommon Equipment Center at: DNR-RoscommonEquipCtr@Michigan.gov, 989-275-5211.