2018 Fall Stocking Efforts

The totals from our 2018 fall fish stocking efforts are in! Nine different species were stocked from September through December, totaling more than 1.1 million fish that weighed in at more than 17 tons. These fish were stocked at 153 different locations throughout the state.

This brings the total fish stocking numbers for 2018 to 22.2 million when combined with our spring and summer efforts.

The fish species stocked this fall included Atlantic salmon, channel catfish, brook trout, brown trout, coho salmon, rainbow trout (Eagle Lake and Michigan strain steelhead), lake sturgeon, walleye and muskellunge (northern and Great Lakes strains).

A breakdown of which state fish hatchery stocked which fish can be seen below:

  • Harrietta State Fish Hatchery (west of Cadillac) stocked three strains of fall fingerling brown trout: 29,016 Wild Rose (weighing 2,146.6 pounds), 80,000 Gilchrist Creek (weighing 2,545.2 pounds) and 120,982 Sturgeon River (weighing 3,185.5 pounds) at 31 locations. They also stocked 9,753 fall fingerling domestic strain Eagle Lake rainbow trout (weighing 619.7 pounds) at one stocking site.
  • Marquette State Fish Hatchery (near Marquette) stocked 31,713 fall fingerling and adult brook trout (weighing a combined 2,789.3 pounds) at 54 sites.
  • Oden State Fish Hatchery (near Petoskey) stocked 160,000 fall fingerling Eagle Lake rainbow trout (weighing 2,579.8 pounds) at 12 sites.
  • Platte River State Fish Hatchery (west of Traverse City) stocked 86,431 fall fingerling Atlantic salmon (weighing 2,590.6 pounds) and 140,329 fall fingerling coho salmon (weighing 8,396.1 pounds) at two sites.
  • Thompson State Fish Hatchery (near Manistique) stocked 246,268 fall fingerling steelhead (weighing 2,192.3 pounds) at four locations.
  • Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery (west of Kalamazoo) stocked two species of fall fingerlings; 151,772 Michigan strain steelhead (weighing 1,660.3 pounds) at two locations and 22,247 Great Lakes strain muskellunge (weighing 3,099.3 pounds) at 22 sites.

Several other fisheries management units also stocked fall fingerling walleye in 2018; including 15,564 Muskegon strain (weighing 1,554.2 pounds) and 7,437 Bay de Noc strain (weighing 555.1 pounds).

Two additional species of coolwater fish were also stocked in 2018 - 50 adult channel catfish (weighing 181.8 pounds) and 585 fall fingerling lake sturgeon (weighing 20.7 pounds).

To find out if any fish were stocked in your favorite fishing spot, visit the DNR's fish stocking database at michigandnr.com/fishstock/.