Auditorium & Exhibit Hall


Students attending hunter education class Within the center is an auditorium are exhibits showing the role sportsmen and sportswomen have had in preserving and restoring Michigan's wildlife and fisheries resources. Hunter education classes are frequently offered at the Center, held in the auditorium and the outdoor archery and pellet gun range. Watch the Year-at-a-Glance calendar for fall hunter safety class information

Exhibit Hall

Elk mounts in exhibit hall A full-size Michigan elk mount is on display in the exhibit hall, as well as other wildlife species which have been "brought back" by the efforts of sportspersons' organizations. With the push of a button, visitors can hear the call of the elk or other species featured in the wildlife exhibit. Other exhibits outline the progression from the first hunters to the present day. A conservation time line reveals the rise of sportsmen and sportswomen and their contributions to more than 150 years of Michigan history.

The respectful and harmonious relationship between Native Americans and nature are illustrated with a full-size black bear. An audio message interprets the scene as the viewer approaches the case. Authentic replica leather clothing, bows, arrows, and quivers adorn the figure and can be seen in other display cases.