Preparing for Winter

There they go! After spending a few pleasant months in Michigan many species of bat, birds and butterflies are on the move. They are heading to wintering areas. For those explorers who would like to see this phenomenon we have some watchable wildlife suggestions.

Bats Look under the overhangs of buildings, or open parking garages for bats heading to their hibernaculums.
Butterflies Monarchs are heading to high mountain sites in Mexico, Tawas State Park is one place to see concentrations of this butterfly as they head across Saginaw Bay on their way south.
Caterpillars They have been hiding and feeding among the leaves and grasses, but are now also on the move to find warm wintering places. They are easily seen crossing sidewalks or driveways.
Birds Several sites in southern Michigan act as staging sites for sandhill cranes. Good viewing is available at the Phyllis Haenle Sanctuary, 6 miles NE of Jackson on Seymour Road. These birds will be concentrating from now until mid November before heading to wintering areas in southeastern Georgia.