Riding Restrictions

State forest roads

Throughout the state, thousands of miles of state forest roads are now open to ORV use.

Find maps of which roads are open in the northern Lower Peninsula and which roads are being proposed to be open/closed in the Upper Peninsula on the Forest Roads Inventory page.

Public roads

Roads, streets and highways maintained for year-round automobile travel (including the shoulder and the right-of-way) are closed to ORV operation unless designated open to ORV use by local ordinance. ORV operators should check with that county's sheriff, road commission or clerk for local ordinances. It's illegal to operate ORVs on state and federal highways, including the shoulders and rights of way.

Nowhere in Michigan can you ride on designated "M" or "US" highways (unless it is a designated connector route).

State parks and campgrounds

ORVs are generally prohibited in state parks and recreation areas; however, there are a handful of ORV-friendly state parks and state forest campgrounds open to riders. See our National Forests

In all national forests, motor vehicles can be only be used on roads, trails or areas that are designated as open. For more information, contact the local national forest headquarters.