Fish Point Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 10/16/2021


  • Nighttime temperatures were in the upper 30's with highs reaching the upper 60's.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Waterfowl numbers continue to increase as the water level come up in the fields.  Refuge counts continue to climb.  Good numbers of Mallards, Widgeon, Gadwall, Green-wing Teal and Geese are present on the area.

Hunting conditions

  • Hunting zones 1-3 currently has 7-9ft tall corn.  Water levels vary between 0-24 inches.  Zone 1 has 15 inches at the north end of the zone, south side of the zone 1 is dry.

  • Marsh zones 4-8 all have camouflaged blinds and water levels varies between 6-36 inches.

  • The corn height in zones 9-13 varies between 8-9.5ft tall and should provide ample food for migrating waterfowl and adequate cover for hunters.  Water depths varies from 6-24 inches.

  • Corn heights in 14-19 vary from 7.5-8ft.  Expect to see water depths from 12-30 inches.   

  • The corn in zones 20-32 varies in height from 7.5-8.5ft.  Zones 22-23, 26, 29 and 32 have blinds that hunter can hunt from.  Hunters can expect to see 8-36 inches of water in these zones.

  • Currently, the corn in zones 45-49 is 7-8ft tall.  Zone 48-49 have a camouflaged blind if hunters want to get out of the water.  Water depths vary from 12-30 inches.  Zone 45 currently has 4-6 inches of water except for the vary north end which has approximately 16 inches of water.

  • Currently, corn in zones 50-56 is 7-8ft tall.  These zones vary in water depth from 0-12 inches.

  • The corn cover in 58-63 has reached 7-7.5ft tall.  Water has just started to get into zone 58-60 and 62-63 (4-12 inches).  Zone 61 is currently dry, but will begin to flood as the week goes on.  

  • Corn in 64-69 is excellent and varies from 6-8ft tall.  Currently zones 64-69 have 4-24 inches of water.

  • The corn in the 70's is 7-8ft tall and should produce good cover and food for migrating waterfowl this fall.  There are two (2) 60ft strips of corn that extend the length of the field. These strips will provide hunters with plenty cover to hide and ample food for waterfowl throughout the season.

  • Buckwheat, barley, winter wheat and moist soil plants are around most hunting zones and will provide a food source for waterfowl throughout the hunting season.

Hunter numbers

  • Total hunter trips to date is 2306.  (1791 regular duck season, 395 early teal/goose season and 120 youth/veterans hunt)

Waterfowl harvest

  • Hunters harvested a total of 1548 ducks (0.76 ducks/hunter trip) and 497 geese thru 10/16/2021.
  • 1358 ducks and 161 geese (regular duck season)
  • 73 teal (early teal season), 304 geese (early goose)
  • 112 ducks and 32 geese (youth/veterans hunt)

What to expect this week

  • During the week temperatures are predicted to drop to the low 40's at night, with highs reaching the upper 60's.  Currently rain is predicted for Wednesday night into Thursday. The wind is predicted to blow between 10-15mph for part of the week which should aid in hunter success.

Upcoming events

  • November 6th PM non-reserved youth hunt and November 11th AM and PM is a veterans preference drawing.

Other comments

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