Shiawassee River Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 10/16/2021


  • Warm weather again this week has not helped with harvest this week. We had a couple of rain days that delayed finishing up harvest in the 30's and 1-5 this week (hopefully tomorrow).

Waterfowl abundance

  • Refuge count this week to 6000 birds a steady increase from last week. There were also 795 geese present during the count.

Hunting conditions

  • All field with the exception of 1-4 and the 40's are now flooded with at least 6 inches of water and as much as 18 in others.

Hunter Numbers

  • For the reserved hunts this week participation was low. On Sunday we only had 8 preregistered parties show with 4 left over spots.

Waterfowl Harvest 

  • Harvest this week is up to 1,412 ducks and 187 geese. 1130 hunter  trips occurred with a average of 1.25 ducks per hunter trip and 1.42 birds per hunter trip.

What to expect this week

  • Harvest to finish up this week. Hopefully cooler temps for the upcoming week will help with duck migration.

Upcoming events

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Other comments

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