Muskegon Wastewater Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review for week ending

  • 10/09/2021


  • Temperatures above average with highs in the low 70s to mid-70s. Some rainfall this past week, but generally we have been in a dry period since mid-September.   

Waterfowl abundance

  • Goose and duck numbers increasing. Good numbers of mallards, but highest counts include ruddy ducks and shovelers.

Hunting conditions

  • Soybean harvest has started, but late hay mowing is continuing, weather permitting. Some tillage is beginning in the south side soybean fields, with future top dressing with green crops (oats) expected.      

Hunter numbers

  • N/A.  Wastewater hunt will start on Saturday, October 16.    

Waterfowl harvest

  • N/A

What to expect this week

  • Continued soybean harvest and hay cutting, weather permitting.  Hoping to complete bean harvest.

Upcoming events

  • The Wastewater opener will be Saturday, October 16 - both morning and afternoon hunts.

Other comments

  • Hoping for a good opener. Field count is not finalized but expect to have at least 27 hunting positions.