Fennville Farm Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 12/11/2021


  • Last week temperatures were colder than what we've seen yet this year. We received snow a couple of days but it didn't stick around.

Waterfowl Abundance

  • Wood duck and other early migrating waterfowl numbers have plummeted and more mallards moved in, of course now that season is  closed… More geese have moved into the area with around 4000 geese using the area as of the middle of last week.

Hunting Conditions

  • Hunting conditions are highly variable. Zone 7D, 7E, and the south half of zone 5 make for very difficult hides with short , sparse corn. Some posts in zone 8 have sparse, weak corn as well. The decoy areas in zone 2 and zones 8 H-J have been combined. Expect the need for blinds or good camo for good concealment in many areas.

Hunter Numbers

  • The last weekend of duck season saw more hunters than in previous weeks, due in part to it being the last weekend of duck season and in part to the weather we had. I expect decent numbers of hunters for the youth preference draw Saturday Dec. 18. considering falling temps and cloudy conditions forecasted.

Waterfowl Harvest

  • Harvest was very better for the closer of duck season. A few geese were harvested and a good number of ducks.
  • Duck season ended with 538 ducks harvested in 688 hunter trips for an average of .78 ducks/hunter trip. This is both the highest duck kill and highest hunter numbers since we started recording by self-registration. Since some of the hunters only target geese in the area, if you remove the days that we overlapped with goose hunting, we had a harvest of 430 ducks in 410 hunter trips for an average of 1.05 ducks/ hunter trip. As of this write up, only 27 geese have been harvested.

What to Expect This Week

  • Expect temperatures to rise to near record highs (60) mid-week followed by a quick drop off with highs in the 30s over the weekend. Strong SW winds are expected mid-week followed by light north winds through Saturday. Rain is expected Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Upcoming Events

  • Goose season draw opener is Saturday Dec. 18. The remainder of goose season is by draw only on Wed, Sat, and Sundays with 530am draws each day. No leftover zones will be issued. Dec. 18 will be a youth preference draw with parties containing youth drawing first and parties without youth drawing after. Adults may hunt as well.

Additional Information

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