Fennville Farm Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 11/1/2020


  • Last week we saw above normal temps nearing the mid-70s and sunshine. Winds from the SW at 10-20mph dominated mostly.

Waterfowl Abundance

  • We have seen a few new ducks moving into the area and new geese almost daily. No large numbers of migrations but a few new geese everyday it seems. Duck numbers are lower than average this time of year and goose numbers are not far from average.

Hunting Conditions

  • Hunting conditions going into this fall look fair. Corn strips have taken a beating with a couple of high wind events but there is plenty of cover in almost all the zones. Zone 7 corn is a little thin and some areas of 2 and 8 were knocked down. Decoy areas look good with corn harvested in zone 2 and 8 H-J. All hay fields are mowed. All corn in the refuge on the north side of 118th has been harvested.

Hunter Numbers

  • Hunter numbers have been relatively low.

Waterfowl Harvest

  • Hunters are harvesting few birds right now. Warm weather and sunshine has made hunting very difficult.

What to Expect This Week

  • Expect higher than normal temps, little wind, and sunshine until mid-next week.

Upcoming Events

  • Youth preference day will take place on Nov. 7th, with a 5:30 am draw and the permit will allow parties to hunt all day.

Additional Information

  • Please pay close attention to signs and follow all social distancing guidelines this year at the draw. Things are going to look different this year. If you must be out of your vehicle, please follow all social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. Please remain in your vehicle at all times unless completely necessary to get out. There are no public restrooms open this year.