Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee

  • The State Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee

    Michigan's Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee provides assistance and recommendations to the State Forester concerning the direction, development, implementation, and monitoring of the Michigan's Forest Stewardship Program, the Forest Legacy program and the Forest Land Enhancement Program. In addition, the FSAC is tasked with consulting with other USADA and state committees that address State and private forestry issues. The State Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee's role is identified in the federal Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978 (codified at 16 USC 2103a).

Meet the Committee

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    The Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee(FSAC) is open to the public. The Committee functions as an advisory committee to the Michigan State Forester.

    The FSAC meets quarterly, unless there is insufficient business to be conducted. The Chair and the Vice-chair of the FSAC shall normally be non-agency persons selected by the Committee and approved by the State Forester. They shall serve at the discretion of the Committee and the State Forester. The Chair, or in the Chair's absence, the Vice-Chair shall conduct the regular Committee meetings, consult with the Executive Committee between meetings, and shall call special meetings of the entire Committee if such a meeting is deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.