Law Enforcement

  • Michigan conservation officers (COs) are fully commissioned state peace officers who provide natural resources protection and ensure recreational safety, as well as provide general law enforcement duties in the communities they serve. COs are stationed in nearly every county of the state, doing regular patrols and responding to law enforcement needs. COs are also first responders to a variety of natural disasters and emergencies. They are a unique class of law enforcement officer, whose duties include enforcing regulations for outdoor recreational activities such as off-road vehicle use, snowmobiling, boating, hunting and fishing.

  • DNR conservation officers in boat on marine patrol Conservation Officer Overview In the early days, these officers were charged mainly with enforcing fish and game regulations. The mission of the Department of Natural Resources' Law Enforcement Division has expanded substantially since then and now includes protection of all natural resources and the environment, as well as the health and safety of the public.

Hiring Process