Hunting Licenses, Applications & Permits

Hunting Applications & Drawings

Permits & Certifications

  • Dog Training

    Fox Hound Training Permit and Special Dog Training Area Permit

  • Falconry

    Information about how to get started in falconry.

  • Field Dog Trials

    A permit is required to conduct a field dog trial - defined as a trial or meet, advertised as such and open to entry by persons whose dogs qualify, in which not less than four participants, with dogs, are permitted to dog-train in competition or contest.

  • Game Bird Hunting Preserves Pheasants, bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, mallard ducks and exotic game birds may be raised and released for hunting for an extended season on hunting preserves licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
  • Game Bird Release Permits Licensed hunting preserve operators possessing pheasants, bobwhite quail, or Hungarian partridge are authorized to issue Game Bird Release Permits to their customers wishing to purchase more than 12 of these birds live (or their eggs) for release or personal consumption.
  • Permit Application for Non-Residents to Use Dogs for Hunting Black Bear in Michigan PDF icon
  • Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Permits

    An approved permit is required for all Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Commercial Operators