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  • What is a Forest Stewardship Plan?

    • A Forest Stewardship Plan is a custom plan that describes your personal goals, unique forest resources, and suggested management activities. The DNR trains and certifies 150 professional foresters and 20 wildlife biologists in the private sector to write simple yet comprehensive Forest Stewardship Plans. You can use your Forest Stewardship Plan to prepare for a timber sale, improve wildlife habitat, or to enroll in other forestry programs that require a forest management plan. Here is a Sample Forest Stewardship Plan.

    What are the steps to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan

    Is Financial Assistance Available?

    • The Forest Stewardship Program provides cost share to lower your cost to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan. A partial cost share of $225 per plan plus $0.50 per acre up to $2,500 per landowner is available throughout the year for parcels ≥20 acres. The cost share is paid through grants to the certified Plan Writers to minimize the application and payment process for landowners. Total fees will vary between Plan Writers.


      • Schools that own forest land may be eligible for an Outreach and Education grant to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan for their school forest.
      • Project Learning Tree provides resources and curriculum to help teachers plan lessons to take their students outside into the forest for outdoor education.
      • The Michigan Tree Farm Committee administers Wheels to Woods which may provide a grant to cover the transportation costs for a school to go on an educational field trip to a nearby forest.  
      • The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance helps schools plant trees to celebrate Arbor Day.
      • The DNR’s Academy of Natural Resources provides a week of outdoor education and professional development for teachers.


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