Governor's 2015 Forest Products Summit

  • The Governor's 2015 Forest Products Summit drew together industry leaders as well as representatives from government, the financial sector, and academia. It continued conversations initiated at the Governor's 2013 Forest Products Summit on how to encourage growth of the wood-using industry. Participants heard our report on progress made since the 2013 Summit, and discussed recent input on ways to continue progress toward the goals established in 2013:

    • Increasing the economic contribution of the forest products industry to $20 billion within five years.

    • Increasing the export of value-added forest products by 50 percent.

    • Increasing forest products industry jobs by 10 percent.

    • Encouraging regionally based industry development.

    For more information, or if you have any questions about the Governor's 2015 Forest Products Summit please contact Kim Korbecki at 517-284-5874.