How to Apply for a Burn Permit -

  • Check for Burn Permit Availability burn permit map (PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer please make sure the zoom level in the lower right on the status bar is set to 100%. Setting the zoom level to another number will cause an error on the interactive map.)

    Getting a burn permit for your area has never been easier. Use the interactive map to find the burn conditions in your area.  Updates are made every date by 10 a.m. Eastern Time.  If "YES" appears in the Burning Permits Issued column, you are authorized to burn today. This serves as your burn permit. You don't need to print anything.

    Burning authorized by this permit is for yard rakings and brush ONLY. It does not relieve the responsible person(s) of liability for all damages resulting from the escape of the fire. You are responsible for understanding Michigan's Open Burning Laws and Rules.


  • Fire Officer Contacts Map
  • City, Town, Village and County Restrictions

    This is a map of the counties with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulations and local controls that determine whether or not you can burn in certain areas. Check your county, town, city or village for restrictions.

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