• Michigan's Plants (An Overview) There are just over 1,800 species of native Michigan plants. Of these, 31 are considered endangered, 210 threatened, and 110 of special concern.
  • Protection for Plants in Michigan Numerous plants in Michigan are protected by state law. Plants may be protected because they're very rare or to prevent overharvest.
  • Michigan's Special Plants This list presents the Endangered, Threatened, and Probably Extirpated plant species of Michigan, in addition to plant species of special concern.
  • MNFI Rare Species Explorer Michigan Natural Features Inventory has compiled a database with information and images for 400+ rare plant species in Michigan.

Floristic Quality Assessment

  • What is it?Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) is a tool to assist environmental consultants, scientists, natural resource managers, land stewards, environmental decision-makers, and restorationists in assessing the floristic, and implicitly, natural significance of any given area throughout Michigan. It is intended to be a simple, consistent, and repeatable method for evaluating the relative significance of tracts of land in terms of their native floristic composition.
  • Entire Document (2.8 MB) PDF iconFloristic Quality Assessment with Wetland Categories and Examples of Computer Applications for the State of Michigan.
  • Text Only (364 KB) PDF iconIntroductory and explanatory text without the associated appendices.
  • Appendix A (16 KB) PDF iconAn example of the Inventory Program output.
  • Appendix B (26 KB) PDF iconAn example of the Transect Program output.
  • Appendix C (750 KB) PDF iconThis state flora database was developed for use with the Floristic Quality Assessment system for the State of Michigan.
  • Appendix D (27 KB) PDF iconNon-intuitive acronyms.
  • Appendix E (19 KB) PDF iconSelected synonyms.
  • Appendix F (926 KB) PDF iconFloristic Quality Assessment in the Chicago Region and Application Computer Programs.
  • Appendix G (735 KB) PDF iconTechnical Comments on the Proposed Revisions to the 1989 Wetland Delineation Manual.