Project WILD

  • Current Workshop Schedule

    If you have a group of 12 or more educators to be trained, call and book your own workshop, a facilitator will come to you. Most workshops offer SCECH's for teachers. Many organizations book private workshops for their staff, so the workshop listings open to the public may be limited. Each October a WILD workshop is offered at the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Conference too!

  • What is WILD?


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    Project WILD, part of the No Child Left Inside initiative here in Michigan, is a preschool through 12th grade environmental and conservation education program--providing professional development opportunities for teachers and naturalists--emphasizing awareness, appreciation and understanding of wildlife and natural resources--through predominantly life science activities--interwoven with ELA, math and social studies. A perfect addition to classroom units or nature center programming, using hands-on, engaging activities that get attendees outside. Give your students or participants the tools to become citizens that make better informed natural resource decisions.

Going Wild

  • What does a quality, professional development WILD Workshop Include?

    You can choose to attend an EDUCATOR professional development workshop that will give you tools to apply within your own classroom or program--and a copy of a guide, or you can go on to attend a FACILITATOR professional development workshop that will enable you to host and facilitate your own workshop for new educators.

    Watch portions of a workshop, including educators practicing their teaching skills, on YouTube as past participants demonstrate their interpretation of Growing Up WILD activities!

  • Lessons, Resources, and Cool Facts!

    See what other educators have done with WILD Activities, find fact sheets about the antlers v. horns, harvestmen v. spider etc! Submit your ideas to the coordinator for inclusion today.

  • NGSS & Common Core Correlations for WILD

    The K-12 Project WILD and Aquatic WILD Guides have been correlated to the NGSS at every grade level, and to common core math and ELA too!

  • Educator vs. Facilitator Workshops
  • Facilitator Corner

    Visit to download the most current paperwork and presentations to build your WILD professional development workshop!

Contact Information

  • Natalie Elkins
    Project Wild Coordinator

    Michigan DNR
    525 W. Allegan
    Lansing, MI 48933
    Tel: 517-284-6041