Permits, Exemptions, and Licenses

  • Argo Use on State Land

    This addresses only Michigan's state regulations. To determine regulations on federal property, contact the federal agency with jurisdiction over the areas where you wish to operate.

  • Bow Permits for Hunters with Disabilities

    A person with a temporary or permanent disability may apply for a permit to use a crossbow or modified bow during the late archery season in the Upper Peninsula or the Bear Archery season.

  • Laser Sighting Devices for Hunters with Disabilities

    Information about using a laser sighting device to take gave with a firearm or crossbow for hunters who are legally blind and for hunters with other permanent disabilities.

  • ORV Certification for Persons with a Disability

    Persons that meet certaun criteria are permitted to operate licensed ATVs or ORVs on forest roads that are open to public vehicular travel on state lands, including those not posted open to ORVs.

  • Permit to Hunt from a Standing Vehicle

    A person who is permanently disabled and unable to walk in a hunting situation, may apply for a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle.