Hiking Trails

Michigan is home to a wide variety of hiking trails across the state. A number these trails are maintained by the DNR and can be found in Michigan state parks, state forest lands or wildlife preserves. Many of the DNR hiking trails are called “pathways” because they loop through forests and along ridges, rivers and lakes. Many of the pathways are located near or are adjacent to state forest campgrounds and in state parks and recreation areas - making them a perfect weekend getaway.

Iron Belle Trail

The Iron Belle Trail is a set of two trails that goes between Belle Isle Park in Detroit and Ironwood in the western Upper Peninsula. When completed, there will be a 791-mile bicycle route (64% completed) and a 1,273-mile hiking route (71% completed). The hiking trail, which follows the western side of the state, primarily follows the North Country National Scenic Trail. The trails is the longest designated state trail in the nation.

Linear trails

The state’s trail system also includes a number of linear trails. A linear trail, also referred to as "out-and-back" or "destination" trails, goes from one point to another and typically follows an old railroad track, river or other land feature. They typically cover long distances. The DNR maintains the following linear trails throughout the state.