Habitat Management

  • Why is aquatic habitat management so important?

    Fish and other aquatic animals depend on their habitats, which are the places they live, in order to survive, grow and reproduce. These habitats serve as "nature's hatcheries" to produce fish populations across the state for anglers to enjoy. Fish habitats can be degraded by removal of vegetation, erosion, loss of downed timber, warming temperatures, poor water quality, changes in stream flow, and blockage of fish passage. 


  • What are some ways the DNR manages aquatic habitat?

    Aquatic habitat management work is done through partnerships, collaborations, funding opportunities, and much more. 

  • Inland Lake Habitat Viewer

    Web-based mapping tool provides lots of information about Michigan's inland lakes.

  • Aquatic Habitat Grant Program

    The DNR's grant program to support local habitat-related projects.