Fisheries Division Library

  • About the Library The Fisheries Division Library, located at the Institute for Fisheries Research, was established in 1930 to serve the fisheries biologists of the Michigan Department of Conservation. The library now serves the fisheries biologists of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources; University of Michigan faculty, staff and students of the School of Natural Resources and Environment; and the Exhibit Museum of Natural History. The collection consists of more than 700 books; thousands of reports and reprints from around the world; and several journal, magazine, and newsletter subscriptions.

Search for Reports

  • Searchable Database Hosted by The University of Michigan's Humanities Text Initiative, this searchable database contains our Research, Technical and Special/Management reports through 2005. See below for complete lists of all reports, including those published after 2005. Many are available as full text documents.


  • Lists of Publications

    Fisheries Division staff work to provide information gleaned from research, field work and data collection. Since 1930 the division has published various report series and made them available to colleagues and the public. Many are now available as full text documents.