Fisheries Research

  • Michigan DNR, Fisheries Division includes a section devoted to fisheries research. Approximately 40 people make up the Research Section or about 24% of Fisheries Division.

    The mission of the Research Section is to
    provide information, models, and advice to make
    possible science-based management of Michigan's fishery resources.


    This mission is pursued by synthesis of existing information as well as that gained through direct application of the scientific method into decision-support tools.

    Research Section includes biologists, analysts, technicians, and other support professionals and works closely with the other sections in Fisheries Division to assist in their missions by pursuing long-term or in-depth investigations that are normally outside the scope of other Fisheries Division units.

    Research Section maintains many partnerships and working relationships with other governmental institutions and universities. Funding comes from a variety of sources including Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration.

    Research Section includes five research stations located throughout the state and the PERM Unit which resides at various universities. In addition, the section includes a statewide section manager, support staff, and provides division services.

    Current Research Studies

    Experiments, Evaluations, and Model Development (Project F-80)
    Fisheries Resource Inventory (Project F-81)
    State Wildlife Grant (Project T-10)


Request for Proposals

  • Sport Fish Restoration Logo Fish Production, Stocking, Management, and Research
    are supported by Sport Fish Restoration Act funding.