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The Department of Natural Resources’ seven staffed shooting ranges in southern Michigan – in Clinton, Ingham, Jackson, Lapeer, Livingston and Oakland counties – offer a fun, safe shooting environment for you and your friends and family. Staffed by customer-friendly and highly trained employees, the DNR’s shooting ranges feature amenities like handgun, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges and restroom facilities.

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For Shooting Range Visitors

Shooting Range Information and Updates
Important Shooting Range Updates - includes closures and events »

Talk and Tea with the DNR Shooting Range Specialist scheduled around the state
Provide input and discuss local and statewide target-shooting activities, development and concerns at a series of informal meetings around the state. Talk and Tea with the DNR Shooting Range Specialist will take place in areas of the state the DNR is evaluating for improvement and expansion of public target-shooting locations.

Updates on DNR Staffed Shooting Ranges:​

  • Dansville Shooting Range
    The Dansville shooting range is now closed for the winter. The DNR plans plan to reopen the range in mid-April 2018.

  • Pontiac Lake Shooting Range
    The new handgun range is complete and open for use.  These improvements were funded with grants from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act and the National Rifle Association and your user fees.

  • Hal and Jean Glassen Shooting Education Center
    Construction of the new state-of-the-art education center is complete! The DNR continues to install informational and educational displays and to outfit the center with interior furnishings. The center, constructed with funds from the Hal & Jean Glassen Foundation and the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, is available for use for hunter education courses and by DNR partners and conservation organizations and programs.

Updates on Plans to Develop and Improve Public Shooting Ranges:

DNR Shooting Ranges »

young lady shoots rifle at shooting range while DNR range officer assists

Learn about the DNR Handgun Ranges »

row of handgun shooters at shooting range stationsThe Dansville shooting range has a 10-yard handgun range with two covered, accessible stations. There is a crushed limestone path to the target boards.  

The Ortonville shooting range has a handgun range featuring four accessible stations for handgun enthusiasts to shoot their handguns at 10 yards. There is a crushed limestone path to the target boards. 

The Pontiac Lake shooting range has four handgun stations where individuals can shoot their handguns at 10-yard targets. There is a 5-foot wide crushed limestone path to the target boards.

The Rose Lake shooting range has a handgun range featuring five covered, accessible stations where visitors can shoot their handguns at 10 yards. There is a concrete path to the target boards. 

The Sharonville shooting range has a new 10-yard handgun range featuring four covered, accessible stations for handgun enthusiasts. There is a concrete path to the target boards. 

Hal and Jean Glassen Shooting Education Center »

exterior of the Hal and Jean Glassen Shooting Education Center building

The new Hal and Jean Glassen Shooting Education Center is now open at the Rose Lake Shooting Range

The state-of-the-art education center has accessible classroom and meeting space up to 80 people and is directly adjacent to the shooting range. The center is available to Department of Natural Resources staff, DNR partners, and conservation organizations and programs.

For more information about using the facility, call 517-903-6082.

Construction of the center was made possible with funding from the Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation and the Pittman-Robertson Fund.

See a video showing the inside of the Glassen Center:

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Printable Targets to Bring to the Range »
DNR Shooting Range Rules »

General Rules

  • The gated parking lots are designated for range participants only.
  • Range hours have been established to ensure safety and to protect the ranges against vandalism. Shooting is allowed only when DNR range personnel are present.
  • Range firearms must be unloaded and cased in order to enter the range.
  • Shooters under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Range firearms may be uncased only at the shooting stations on the firing lines. They must be cased prior to leaving the shooting station.
  • Shooters must keep their range firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Range firearms may be loaded and discharged only at an established shooting station at approved targets.
  • Only approved targets may be used; no human-form silhouettes or metal targets. Paper targets with a bullseye pattern or a depiction of legal game may be used.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the ranges. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted on the firing line.
  • Shooters are responsible for keeping their shooting area in order and properly disposing of all targets, trash and shell casings.
  • For your protection, range participants are responsible for providing – and required to wear – eye and ear protection.

Rifle/Pistol Range Rules

  • One Shot Rule: A blanket permit has been issued, which allows more than one round to be loaded at a time on the rifle/pistol ranges. Up to six rounds may be loaded in the magazine and chamber combined, with a minimum of three seconds required between shots. Range officers may suspend this permission, based on their discretion, when conditions exist that may compromise the safety of the shooters and others.
  • The 25-, 50-, 100- and 200-yard ranges are designated for hand-held rifles (.50 caliber BMG and larger centerfire rifles are prohibited), muzzleloaders (not exceeding .80 caliber), pistols, revolvers and shotguns with slugs only.
  • The 10-yard ranges are designated for pistols and revolvers only.
  • Paper targets must be fastened to backboards. Targets may not be set up partway downrange.
  • Firearms can be loaded at and discharged only from established shooting stations on the firing line and only under the direction of a range officer.
  • Muzzles must always be kept pointed downrange.
  • All range firearms must be unloaded with action open, except when being fired.</p>
  • During a target check, shooters must move behind the yellow line and are not permitted to re-enter the shooting line until the range command – “All clear downrange. You may commence fire. Commence fire.” – is given.
  • Range firearms may not be taken downrange.</p>
  • No incendiary, explosive and/or tracer ammunition.</p>
  • No open flame or lighted smoking materials are allowed on the firing line, apron or transfer table areas. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Muzzleloader Range Rules

  • Only the original container, flask or cow horn – holding one pound or less of black powder, pyrodex or other black powder substitute – may be used.
  • Muzzleloaders must be loaded from a separate powder measure only, not from a container, even if it is equipped with a measuring device – and only at the shooting stations.
  • No open powder or flammable powder solvent containers are allowed on the firing line except when loading.
  • Range firearms larger than .80 caliber are prohibited.
  • Before a target check occurs, all range muzzleloaders must be discharged and have no obstruction in the barrel.

Trap Range Rules

  • Only target and low brass shells with light loads, 71/2 – 9, are allowed.
  • Only one shell may be loaded. If doubles are being thrown, two shells may be loaded.
  • Only clay targets may be used.
  • Shooters are to bring a target thrower and clay targets to Ortonville, Pontiac Lake, Rose Lake and Sharonville.

Shotgun Patterning Rules

  • Only one shell may be loaded.
  • No buckshot or slug shooting is allowed.
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If you have questions or comments, or if you're a range operator with changes or updates to range information, please contact Lori Burford at burfordl@michigan.gov or 989-600-9114.




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  • young man shoots shotgun while DNR shooting range officer assistsIdentify where the closest ranges or shooting clubs are located and who to contact for more information.
  • Purchase eye protection and ear plugs for personal safety.
  • Bring clay targets, hand throwers or portable traps if the local range does not provide them.
  • See the National Shooting Sports Foundation's shooting resources and subscribe to the NSSF Pull the Trigger newsletter to get video tips from experts in target shooting, hunting, firearm maintenance, game cooking and other firearm-related topics.
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man shoots shotgun at sporting clays while another man operates clay throwerDescriptions of the various shotgun sports (trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand and crazy quail)

Video: Pat Lieske's Systematic Approach to Sporting Clays*

Video: Tips on Quartering Targets for Sporting Clays with Pat Lieske*

*Pat Lieske is president and founder of Michigan Shooting Centers, which operates the DNR's Bald Mountain and Island Lake shooting ranges. A hall of fame sporting clays shooter, he has more than 30 years of experience in the shooting sports industry.

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Interested in shooting for the first time and don't know where to start? Consider scheduling a lesson with one of the experienced shooting professionals at Michigan Shooting Centers, which operates the DNR's Bald Mountain and Island Lake shooting ranges. 

Chief instructor Pat Lieske, founder and president of Michigan Shooting Centers and a hall of fame sporting clays shooter, has over 30 years of professional shooting and coaching experience. 

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