OTIS - Correcting and Removing Information

OTIS - Correcting Information

The majority of information on the OTIS site is taken from court records.  If you believe something is in error, please contact the sentencing court for clarification.  If you belieive the information is supervision related (such as absconder status), please contact the appropriate parole/probation office with your concern. The MDOC will correct information on OTIS, if directed by the sentencing court through a court order or through the supervising agent.

OTIS - Having Information Removed

The Michigan Legislature requires the MDOC to keep offender information on OTIS for a period of three years after the offender has discharged from MDOC supervision. This holds true even if the offender dies. Information is only removed from OTIS if the conviction is set aside, or expunged, by the sentencing court or by operation of law.  

Current legislation (Public Act 331 of 2006) does not allow for MDOC to remove offenders or images from the public web site even for a reason of death, as their conviction history is still public information.  The discharge reason will remain the same unless the offender died while under the jurisdiction of the MDOC.  At that time, a date of death and "death" for reason of discharge will be listed.