Non-Custody New Employee Training (All Other Employees)

Non-Custody new employee training requirements are applicable to all new non-custody employees, including student assistants, unpaid student interns, and contractual employees. These requirements also apply to contractors, vendors, skilled trades, construction workers, and volunteers providing services at Department work sites.

Training programs for the employees identified above are delivered to new employees through a combination of classroom sessions and computer-based training courses accessible through the Department's On-Line Training site.

Non-custody new employee training in the Department consists of six programs - Programs A, B, C, D, E and H - as described in this section. The specific program to be completed is based in part on whether the new employee's position is classified as having offender contact or no offender contact and, for contractual employees, whether the offender contacts will be supervised or unsupervised.

The required training begins on the first day of employment and is completed within 30 calendar days of their appointment as required by Department policy. This requirement also applies to contractors, vendors, skilled trades, construction workers, and volunteers providing services at Department work sites.

Human Resource Officers ensure that all categories of new employees (as described in this section) in their respective areas are scheduled for the required training. Institution Training Officers and Field Training Coordinators assist the Human Resource Officers with the scheduling, completion, and documentation of non-custody new employee training.

Program A is orientation training required for all contractors, vendors, skilled trades, construction workers, student interns and volunteers providing intermittent services at Correctional Facilities Administration (CFA) and Field Operations Administration (FOA) work sites.

Program B is orientation training required for all contractors, vendors, and volunteers providing services for the Prisoner Reentry program at Correctional Facility Administration work sites.

Program C is orientation training for contractual health care professional and mental health professional of Corizon and MHM Services, Inc. Contractual health care and mental health professionals are required to complete this program prior to working independently in a Secure Health Care Unit. Corizon staff that are under direct continuous supervision and/or escort are not required to attend new employee training. Program C training courses include Department developed non-custody new employee computer-based training courses and Corizon and MHM developed courses.

Program D is required for contractual employees and all non-custody new employees with No Offender Contact including student assistants.

Program E is required for contractual workers with unsupervised offender contact, all non-custody new employees hired for positions that have offender contact (this includes student assistants with regular offender contact), and Parole/Probation Agents working in correctional facilities. New employees in these categories complete this program after completing Program D.

Program H is required for part-time professional counseling providers who have unsupervised offender contact in a CFA facility for a maximum of 8 hours a week.