Sending a Prisoner Funds With GTL Financial Services


Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) will be transitioning to a new prisoner accounting system the first week of October 2020. ConnectNetwork will still function as normal, but due to this transition, there will be a delay in deposits made by friends and family.

All deposits made from 09/30/2020 through 10/06/2020 may be delayed six (6) to ten (10) days before being posted into the prisoner’s account.

Friends and family will not experience a process change as a result of the new MDOC accounting system.

Sending a Prisoner Funds With GTL Financial Services

On 02/01/2017 the process for friends and families to deposit money into prisoner accounts changed.

MDOC transitioned from previous vendor, JPay Inc., to our current vendor, GTL Financial services on 02/01/2017.Family and friends should utilize GTL Financial services at this time. To send or deposit prison funds:

Lockbox Deposits

All deposits from family members and other members of the public will be processed by GTL Financial Services. Money orders will need to be made payable to GTL Financial Services and sent to the lockbox address below. A Deposit form must be included with the money order, and mailed to the following:


                          GTL Financial Services

10005 Technology Blvd. West

Suite 130

Dallas, TX 75220


*There will be no processing cost for any funds sent to the GTL lockbox*

  • Any notes or letters included with the mailing will be discarded by GTL. Deposits may not exceed $300.00 in value and all money orders must be issued in US dollars.
  • Deposit forms are available at each correctional facility and on-line. 
  • Any questions regarding processing of money orders should be directed to GTL at 877-650-4249.
  • Money order deposit forms:

                       English version   Spanish Version


Cash/Credit/Debit Card Deposits

GTL will accept deposits to prisoner's accounts electronically at or via phone at 888-988-4768. Fees apply to both of these transaction types. More information about the current rates and delivery times can be found on the GTL website.


Processing Fees for Credit/Debit Card Transactions


Current Online


GTL Online Rates Effect 2/1/2017

Current Phone Deposits

GTL Phone Deposit Rates Effective 2/1/2017





















*$1 from each deposit will be credited to the Prisoner Benefit Fund (PBF)


GTL Financial will offer cash/credit/debits deposits at select facility kiosks.  The fee for cash deposits at a facility will be $4.00 per transaction, while debit/credit deposits will be the same as the online deposit rates.  $1 from each cash transaction fee will be credited to the prisoner benefit fund.  Please visit for more information about cash deposit locations and other credit/debit deposit options.

As a reminder, all transactions remain subject to the following:

  • All funds received must comply with PD 04.02.105 “Prisoner Funds and Director’s Office Memorandum 2017-18.
  • Deposited Funds are subject to collection by the Michigan Department of Corrections to pay for obligations imposed by the sentencing court or the Michigan Department of Corrections in accordance with applicable Departmental policies.