• Prisoner Mail Policy will be updated with new requirements

    The Michigan Department of Corrections is implementing changes to the Prisoner Mail Policy, PD 05.03.118.  A new Operating Procedure has been developed as well, that will further outline new requirements for processing incoming prisoner personal mail. 

  • Transition from Jpay Inc. to GTL Financial Services

    On 02/01/2017 the process for friends and families to deposit money into prisoner accounts will change.

    MDOC will be transitioning from the current vendor, JPay Inc., to the new vendor, GTL Financial services on 02/01/2017.Family and friends should transition to GTL Financial services beginning 02/01/2017.

    This change is occurring because the previous agreement with JPay Inc. for this service has reached the end of its contract term and the state conducted a Request for Proposals (RFP) that resulted in GTL Financial being selected to provide this service until at least 2020.  This new contract will allow for decreased costs for friends and families for most transactions, a commission to for the PBFs and expanded service options, including lobby kiosks that will accept deposits at select facilities starting later this year.  Funds currently in a prisoner’s account will not be impacted by this change.