Mound Correctional Facility (NRF) Closed January 8, 2012

Mound Correctional Facility

Wayne County

Wayne County

Warden Raymond Booker               17601 Mound Road
Detroit, MI 48212



Current jobs 

(313) 368-8300
Males, 18 and older.


The two state prisons in the city of Detroit are rare because of their placement in a densely populated urban setting. Mound Correctional facility is on the east side of the site; Ryan Correctional Facility is on the west side. The maintenance/warehouse functions are shared by the two facilities.

Mound sits on 39 acres previously owned by the Daimler Chrysler Corporation which used the area to store new cars prior to shipping. It now contains buildings to house prisoners as well as those to provide educational programs, food services, health services, and administrative services. The prison has a small segregation unit.

The facility is separated from the community along Mound Road by buffer fencing, a planting berm with evergreen and deciduous trees, as well as two perimeter security fences. The entire complex of Mound and Ryan Correctional Facilities covers 78 acres.


Mound is a Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative  (MPRI) facility and has the capability to place 120 prisoners in the program at a time. MPRI offers a wide variety of programming to assist prisoners with their transition into the community. The prison's academic programs provide for special and remedial education through completion of General Education Development certification for prisoners including those in segregation. The priority is to develop reading skills for each prisoner at least to the eighth grade level. Most prisoners are required to obtain GED certification prior to release from the facility. The career and technical education programs include horticulture, building maintenance, building trades, and computer literacy.

As with most Michigan prisons, volunteers help staff in providing prisoners with religious and other life enrichment programs. 

Minor health care services are provided at the prison. Serious cases are treated at the Duane Waters Health Center in Jackson as well as at local facilities.


Mound Correctional Facility has four gun-towers to complement double 12 foot fences that are topped with coiled stainless steel razor ribbon wire. As at all secure facilities, an electronic detection system is inside the inner security fence. An armed vehicle patrols the perimeter in response to emergencies 24 hours a day. Buffer fences separate the surrounding area from the prison and help to keep intruders away.