Contact Information

Offender Success
Office of Community Corrections

Fax: 517-335-0015, 


Crissa Blankenburg, OCC Administrative Manager, 517-335-0016,


Community Corrections Specialists

Dawn M. Karfonta, 517-335-6283,                       

Molly Maynard, 517-335-3975,

For assistance with grant coordination, grant applications, mid-year and year-end reports,  monthly utilization reports, budget adjustments, or equipment purchases of $1,000 or more, please contact the assigned Community Corrections Specialist. 


Probation Residential Services Analyst

Richard Payne,

For assistance with PRS eligibility, program standards compliance, PREA compliance, and overall operation required by a specific contract, please contact the Probation Residential Services Specialist.  


Contract Services and Accounting

Destinie Shipman, Contract Services Manager, 517-335-2080,

Currin Blair, Accounting Technician, 


DATA Questions

COMPAS Case Manager — Equivant, 888-221-4615  

COMPAS Case Manager Access/JPIS Data — Michelle Kalisz,                                                         

OCC Contact for Equivant/CCIS Data — Michael Keck,

Billing Questions

Currin Blair