Community Based Services

Per PA 63 of 2011 Sec. 415:

(1) The department shall create a database for use by the department and Prison Reentry service providers. The Prisoner Reentry service data posted here has been collected from all 18 Prisoner Reentry sites for services provided in fiscal year 2012. The datasheets provided are posted by month reported within fiscal year 2012 and contain data from all Administrative Agencies reporting within the month.

Note and Disclaimer: All Prisoner Reentry data contained here is as reported by Prisoner Reentry Administrative Agencies. Michigan Department of Corrections is responsible only for the collation of individual monthly reports into the monthly format presented. Report may contain cells with no data, abbreviations, acronyms, initials, and/or misspellings. Negative costs represent corrections to charges and/or services not rendered as anticipated. Zero costs represent parolees enrolled with no charges yet incurred and/or reported. Data is sorted in order of Prisoner Reentry Site, Service Category, Service Type and Vendor Name.