• Account Maintenance

    CEPI applications use either the Michigan Education Information System account ID and password or the MILogin account system. Please use the links below if you’ve forgotten your login ID or password, or if you need to update your account information (including email address and phone number).

    • I forgot my MEIS ID or password. (MEIS is used to access the SID.) Go to the MEIS logon page. Click on either "I forgot my Login Name" or "I forgot my Password."
    • I forgot my MILogin password. (MILogin is used to access the EEM, FID, GAD, MPDI, MSDS, REP and NPSPR.) Go to MILogin and click the "Forgot Your Password?" link.
    • I need to update my MEIS account information. Go to the MEIS logon page and log in. Click "Update" when your changes are complete.
    • I need to update my MILogin account information. Log into MILogin and click the "Update Profile" button.

    In March 2019, the FID Application migrated to MILogin. For more information and to understand how users have been affected by this migration, please read the MILogin migration announcement.

    The MI Login User Guide provides detailed directions for password and account information.

    For assistance with MI School Data account information, please see the MI School Data Help page.

    If you're still unable to access your MEIS and/or MILogin account after following these steps, you can contact CEPI customer support for further assistance.