Petroleum Pipelines

  • Mackinac BridgeUnder the Mackinac Straits, a pair of more than sixty-year-old pipelines is resting on the lakebed below some of the most powerful currents in the world.

    The pipes are carrying petroleum products that could devastate the Michigan way of life should they leak or rupture.Throughout Michigan are other pipelines that move petroleum products throughout our State.

    The safety and security of these pipelines is crucial to ensuring that our Great Lakes are here for generations to come.

Petroleum Pipeline Task Force

  • In order to more fully address concerns related to the Straits Pipelines and the broader issue of other major petroleum pipelines in the State of Michigan, Attorney General Schuette and the Director of the DEQ convened and co-chaired the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force in 2014.

    The Task Force was comprised of the heads of several state agencies including the Attorney General, the Departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, State Police, and Transportation, as well the Office of the Great Lakes and the Public Service Commission.

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Task Force Recommendations

    1. Prevent the transportation of heavy crude oil through the Straits Pipelines.
    2. Require an independent risk analysis and adequate financial assurance for the Straits Pipelines.
    3. Require an independent analysis of alternatives to the existing Straits Pipelines.
    4. Obtain additional information from Enbridge relating to the Straits Pipelines.
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