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Through the Fence

  • Through the Fence Agreements

    A "Through The Fence" agreement is a use agreement allowing access to airport property from non-airport adjacent land (see FAA Order 5190.6B; chapter 12 for more information). These agreements are discouraged by MDOT and FAA as they can create a problem controlling aviation activities on or near the airport. However, FAA recognizes the advantages to offering a variety of proposals to prospective tenants and therefore provides guidance in FAA Order 5190.6B.

    Please note: Granting of Exclusive Rights is prohibited at federally obligated airports. See FAA Order 5190.6B (chapter 8). FAA has released their final policy on residential through the fence access which is included with the residential through the fence toolkit.

    Costs associated with residential through the fence access plans developed outside the master planning process are not AIP eligible. Sponsors may use non-primary entitlements to produce a RTTF access plan (documentation/report) in conjunction with the RTTF access plan ALP update (drawings).

  • FAA - Residential Through-the-Fence Access Toolkit